How to chose the material for jewelry display

Last time we talk about how to custom jewelry package, We make three steps(jewelry display, jewelry box, jewelry pouch). The first is about jewelry display. The most important is how to choose material and color for jewelry display. The material and color choosing effect the jewelry value directly. The following I introduce some for your reference.

1. Microfiber leather

Every one know microfiber leather is high quality material. It feel very comfortable.Brown color looks very superior, it can improve your brand and your jewelry. Of course you can chose the color that is more valuable to your jewelry.

2. Quality PU

Black is classic. Of course , It can depend personal interest and jewelry.

3.Painting wood


The above is reference only, in fact the material is very much(like linen, velvet). If you have good idea, welcome to communicate each other.

Thank you!



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